Five Best College Bars In Portland

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Best College Bars in Portland

1. The Gemini Bar and Grill (Lake Oswego)
When you are in need of a place that hosts the best parties in the area, then this bar is what you are looking for. As a college student, almost 90 percent are party goers and do not want to miss an event at any time of the week. The youth crowd keeps this place alive and different activities happen here starting from a quiz night, poker time, and the most awaited live performances. One of the best features it has is the low prices of its dishes.
2. Boiler Room
Tagged as the sole karaoke bar in its zone, there is no doubt this place is jam-packed every time, especially with college students and frequent visitors. The sumptuous meals are must-try, especially if you are just there to enjoy, watch, and party all night.
3. Ground Kontrol
Every college student, adult, tourist visitor should not miss visiting this unusual bar. Upon entering, you will be surprised to see around sixty old school video games and about twenty-seven pinball games that everyone can enjoy. This is not your typical bar, because they have a bathroom which has a Pac-man theme. They also serve foods, liquor, and a wide selection of mixed drinks.
4. Bailey's Tap Room
If you are a college student that is into beers, then you are in the right place. You can enjoy a complete variety of beer styles from their 24-hour rotating taps while patronizing the breweries of Oregon. The food is fantastic, the service is always better than yesterday, plus they have a reasonable price.
5. The Multnomah Whiskey Library
Every college student knows this place because it is located inside a library. What is amazing here is you can relax and take out the stress of the day by enjoying their collection of Kentucky Bourbons and drinking a drum of whiskey for yourself while doing it in a private room.
If you are a college student in Portland, you should never miss visiting one of these places. College bars located in Portland are some of the best you can visit, and the experiences and memories will surely be unforgettable.